Rolex President Bracelet Band Restoration Rebuild Service

Rolex President Bracelet Band Restoration Rebuild Service

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Rolex President Bracelet Band Restoration Rebuild Service

Is your cherished Rolex President bracelet showing signs of wear and tear? Before you consider a costly replacement, entrust your iconic timepiece to Sumpters Jewelry's Master Jeweler for an unparalleled restoration experience.

Why Choose Our Restoration Service?

Expert Craftsmanship

Our Master Jeweler meticulously measures and evaluates your Gold President bracelet to determine its deviation from the original state.

Precise Reconstruction

Each link is carefully disassembled, and worn, dented, or damaged sections are expertly repaired and rebuilt to perfection.

Seamless Aesthetics

The links and solder seamlessly match in color, avoiding the common green tint seen in lesser-quality repairs.

Solid Gold Pins

Say goodbye to hollow pins! We replace damaged pins with thicker solid gold pins for enhanced durability.

Comprehensive Reassembly

The entire band, including the clasp, is reassembled to restore its original factory condition.

Polished Elegance

Our final touch involves polishing your rejuvenated Rolex President bracelet to a gleaming, factory-like finish.

Additional Services

Extra Length Options

Need additional links for a longer band? We offer extra links for $250 each, or you can supply your own.

Link Exchange Program

If any links are beyond repair, take advantage of our exchange program to discount the overall cost.

Easy Shipping Process

You are responsible for shipping your bracelet to us securely, and we handle the rest with the utmost care.

Completion Time

Our meticulous The restoration process generally requires 6-10 weeks for completion, though it may extend if there are additional jobs in the queue, ensuring your Rolex returns to you in pristine condition.

Contact Us for a Personalized Assessment

Before you commit, contact us to discuss any potential extra charges. Share photos of your bracelet and provide details such as its current and desired lengths. If some links are severely damaged, include photos for a thorough assessment.

Give your Rolex President bracelet the care it deserves. Choose Sumpters Jewelry for a restoration that goes beyond expectations. Your timeless piece will thank you!