35mm Mid-Size Rolex Yacht-Master 18k Yellow Gold Oyster MOP Serti Dial Watch

35mm Mid-Size Rolex Yacht-Master 18k Yellow Gold Oyster MOP Serti Dial Watch

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Elevate your style with the 35mm Mid-Size Rolex Yacht-Master, a masterpiece in 18k Yellow Gold. This watch boasts a striking aftermarket Mother of Pearl Dial adorned with Sapphires & Diamonds, creating a unique and luxurious timepiece.

The case measures 35mm and features an 18k Yellow Gold Rolex Oyster Band, ensuring both style and durability. With a closed length of 7", we offer sizing adjustments to meet your comfort.

Identified by the serial number "U," this watch is a timeless symbol of luxury. It features a sapphire crystal, automatic movement, and a legacy of excellence.

To underscore our confidence in this timepiece, we offer a 100% Money Back guarantee and a LIFETIME WARRANTY. This warranty remains valid as long as you ensure the watch is serviced every 3 years with us, making it a treasured possession that exudes prestige and distinction.

    • Case Measures: 35mm
    • Bracelet: 18k Yellow Gold Rolex Oyster Band
    • Length:  7" closed  (we can size larger or smaller if needed)
    • Dial:  Mother of Pearl Refinished Dial with Custom applied Sapphires & Diamonds
    • Serial: "U"
    • Model: 68628
    • Year of Manufacture: 1997
    • Crystal: Sapphire
    • Movement: Automatic
    • 100% Money Back




    *Sumpters Jewelry warrants all our Rolex watches for life from the date of purchase. This warranty covers any mechanical or functional defect. In order to take advantage of our our Lifetime Warranty, the watch must be serviced every 3 years by us, Sumpters Jewelry to make sure the movement is properly maintained. This includes disassembly, ultrasonic cleaning, re-oil, assembly, timing adjustment, the replacement of any worn parts and gaskets.  Please note the watch owner pays for this service.   This warranty does not cover any case parts, crown, crystals, bezel, tube and bracelet parts, theft, loss or acts of God, accidents such as blows, impacts damage resulting from any tampering of the watch by any other person(s) other than Sumpters Jewelry, damage from mistreatment or improper use, water damage, or modification through the addition or substitution of parts or accessories not supplied at the point of sale. In the event of malfunction Sumpters Jewelry will be responsible for and cover all costs in transporting the timepiece to and from Sumpters Jewelry and will cause the defect to be remedied at no cost to the owner. In the event of malfunction no matter the circumstance the consumer must notify Sumpters Jewelry that the watch has malfunctioned and the warranty holder is requesting service.